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A structured, automatic training program by SaaStr. For your entire team, year round.

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"The weekly Pro lessons have been spot on EVERY SINGLE WEEK! We are really getting somewhere with our directors and managers and it will continue to benefit us all year."

Jeff Haller
Co-Founder & CEO, Dataserv

"The weekly lessons are short, straight to the point, and give us lots of value. We really like the homework section because it engages us and challenges us to not only consume the content but to actually act on it."

- Iwona Gruszka
Customer Success Manager, Archdesk

"The SaaStr Pro weekly lessons have been a great way to train my team. We've always had a meeting to talk about things we've learned, but lately it had grown stale. Now we talk about the SaaStr Pro lesson for that week, debate a bit, and decide precise next steps to implement. Our meeting has its mojo back!"

Errette Dunn
CEO, Rever

"SaaStr Pro has great content, excellent team discussion materials and bite-size segments. Highly recommended for anyone in SaaS."

Bernard Slede
Executive VP Business Development, Voxeet

We'll train your team.


Everyone gets a login so you can improve together

Step by Step.

Each week we unlock one structured, bite-sized lesson for your team (52+ lessons and counting!)

Answers to your top questions.

Exclusive ~monthly invites to AMA webinars with SaaS experts

Exclusive Content.

Access the full (non-public) SaaStr playbook to building a $100m business

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we build SaaStr Pro?
One of the top requests we've heard from the community is an easy way to get the whole team learning from SaaStr content. Most founders we hear from simply send out SaaStr links in Slack. We've done the hard work and created 52+ structured lessons from 3,000+ pieces of content. The lessons have one goal: to get your team to engage with the content and improve each week. We'll drive the collaboration and spark discussion on the most important things your team can do this week to improve.
How does it work?
Simply sign up, add your team as SaaStr Pro users, and in 5 minutes everyone on your team will have access to structured SaaStr Pro content to help you grow your business. We'll send you one lesson a week, including a primer for a team discussion.
Is the training cross functional or role specific?
SaaStr Pro's 52 lessons are cross functionally relevant. For example, week 1 is focused on growing revenue, but a VP of Engineering or Head of HR will benefit greatly from the lesson. Version two of SaaStr Pro (coming later this year) will also have specific tracks (sales track, management track, etc) -- but each team using SaaStr Pro today uses it cross functionally.
What is the content like?
Each week your team will receive one short post to read, one short video to watch, and one discussion starter on a given topic to spark conversation. The topics have been distilled and curated specifically for early-stage SaaS startups and the challenges you're facing. Your team will share ideas on how to improve within SaaStr PRO, and we'll email them to you.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. But once you see your team discussing and implementing SaaStr PRO content, we think it's unlikely :) what all do I get? Break it down for me.
When you become a member of SaaStr Pro, you receive: weekly, bite-sized lessons sent to your whole team, one ticket to the upcoming SaaStr Annual, one ticket to the upcoming SaaStr Europa (if interested), and exclusive invites to our ask-me-anything (AMA) webinars with SaaS experts. We also host an exclusive dinner for all Pro members at the SaaStr Annual event.

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