Homework: Team discussion - which ideas do you want to implement?

The post and the video list several ideas for increasing sales...and we see startups trying all sorts of things to get everyone aligned with sales:

  • shadow an outbound sales rep (SDR/BDR) for 30 minutes during her next cold calling session
  • join an Account Executive on a sales call to hear real life objections from a prospect -- sometimes showcasing talent across all teams (product, engineering, etc) can help a deal close
  • make everyone across the company aware of the sales goal, and what they can do to support it
  • move to monthly quotas (we're beating a dead horse here, we know)
  • have your sales team give a demo to the rest of company and suggest feedback
  • have an annual sales kickoff that everyone in the company can participate in and feel a part of
  • celebrate when deals close, especially the efforts of non-sales reps (did legal help get this across the line? did marketing source the lead? Celebrate!)

What are 3 ways you can better support the sales team as a company, to help jumpstart sales....today?

Also, since this is your first week on SaaStr Pro -- one tip: we see companies who create "SaaStr Pro standups" -- or weekly 10-15 meetings where they discuss the week's content and brainstorm ways to improve. So you might consider doing that, and you can use the comment section below to capture your ideas now and review them.

Comment away!

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